5 Reasons Why You Should Join TWB

The TWB program is a unique offering that brings the reader closer to your books on a SENSORY level that no pen or bookmark can do! Here is a detailed list of all the wonderful reasons why you should join The Writer’s Block™ by Book Scents:

1.) A new way to communicate with your readers! You will be able to engage your readers in a new conversation that involves not only the text, but the story in a deeper, richer way. Every time they light your custom created scent, it will remind them of their favorite character, or a place from your wonderful book.

2.) You’ve created a long-lasting impact! Your characters and story will stay in their hearts, but now your custom created scent will become a memory trigger for a long time. Each 10 ounce candles averages 70 hours of burn time – that’s a long time to be reminded of your novel!

3.) Bigger Blocks equals bigger brand exposure! Brand recognition and exposure is key to all marketing. As authors your calling is to write the stories that engage us, but your books need to find readers. With each TWB Block you are offered additional ways to expand your audience. Book Scents customers report that they are introduced to books that are new to them when shopping for candles in our store.

4.) Psst! Wanna know a secret? I’m awesome! Brand reputation can influence purchases. When you align yourself with TWB by Book Scents, you show your support for small business and provide your readers access to a quality product. Book Scents currently has sold over 900 items, shipped over 500 orders and has over 150 five-star reviews on Etsy in less than one year. Customers love their Book Scents candles!

5.) You’re promoting gifting! You want people to buy your books and when you join TWB, you add a custom gift to the table. With a listing in the Book Scents Etsy store, readers can create a special gift set with your book and your custom created fragrance for their friends and family.


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