The Writer’s Block™ by Book Scents


Thank you so much for your interest in The Writer’s Block™ by Book Scents program – where we are Building Your Brand One Block at a Time!

The Writer’s Block™ by Book Scents, or TWB, was created to meet the branding needs of authors. This seemed like a natural addition to the Book Scents business after multiple authors had reached out asking to have custom candles made for their books. The goal of TWB is to help author’s build their brand through our Block program. Each Block provides the author and their team with multiple candle products as well as online promotion of their candle and ultimately their book. Through the Book Scents brand authors have access to a new audience of book lovers, bloggers, and candle lovers. It’s a unique offering that brings readers closer to their favorite books and characters.

Not sure if TWB is for you? Read my “5 Reasons You Should Join TWB”

Please review all of the information below. If you have questions, please contact me via email at:

How it Works

Here is an overview of the process:

  • Author or Author’s representative (i.e. Street Team member) completes the TWB interest form.
  • Book Scents reviews the request and reaches out to discuss working together
  • Foundation Block is invoiced and sample fragrances are created and shipped
  • Samples are discussed and a final scent is decided upon
  • Details such as color and labels are discussed and finalized
  • Additional “Block” is chosen and invoiced
  • Order is created upon payment and Shipped within 10 days.
  • Any additional services are set up, depending upon “Block” purchased



Q. How do you pick fragrances?

A. I prefer to read the book that is to inspire the candle fragrance. This gives me chance to get a feel for the author’s intentions as well as the context of the story. Often times I can glean a few options from reading the book first.

Q. Do you need to read the book first?

A. Yes, and No. I understand that sometimes with yet-to-be-released books that it might be more challenging, for whatever reason, for me to get a copy of the book. However, it really is important to me not only to create a fragrance that is inspired by the book, but to also provide you with the additional online services that are presented to my customers in an authentic voice.

That said, I am open to reading portions of the book that you feel can give me an idea of fragrances – especially if you have a fragrance profile in mind or are under a time crunch. However, I do reserve the right to delay online promotional services until I have read the book.

Q. How will I receive my custom sample?

A. You will receive Four – 1 ounce wickless sample cups to test different fragrances. They can be smelled out of the cup or warmed in a tart warmer to get the full depth of the fragrance.

Q. There is a group of people on our Street Team – can we all get samples to test?

A. One sample set will be supplied to the author or their designee upon purchase of the Foundation Block. If more samples are required, each set of samples will be an additional $8. No more than 5 additional sets can be requested.

Q. What are “blocks”?

A. Blocks are the packages available for purchase in TWB program. Each block has a product package and list of services that correspond with its price point. You can check out the Blocks here.

Q. What products do you offer in your packages?

A. You will find my standard 10 ounce candle in a glass container, 4 ounce tins with lids and air fresheners. All scented products are hand-made by me. See pictures of TWB Product Offerings.

Q. How long will my custom candle be listed in your store?

A. I will list all new TWB candles for an initial 90 days. After the 90 day period, I will review the sales and decide whether it will be renewed for another 90 days. Candle product orders made by the author, or their designated representative, will not be contingent upon a listing in my store.

Q. What additional services do you offer beyond the products for sale?

A. TWB offers access to a customer base that is full of readers. In addition, services such as Facebook showcases and giveaways, Blog interviews, access to book reviewers and their audience and so much more! As my network grows – so will the reach of my TWB Authors.

Q. Why should I join TWB by Book Scents?

A. TWB is a unique offering that brings the reader closer to your books on a SENSORY level that no pen or bookmark can do! You will be able to engage your readers in a new conversation that involves not only the text, but the story in a deeper, richer way. Every time they light your custom created scent, it will remind them of their favorite character, or place from your wonderful book. Each 10 ounce candles averages 70 hours of burn time – that’s a long time to be reminded of your novel! You can find a detailed list of all the wonderful ways TWB can build your brand here.








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