About Me:

Thank you for stopping by my blog! I love to read and found Book Scents to be the perfect marriage of my desire to be creative, honor books and have fun. Book Scents does all three for me!

How did I get here? Well it’s a long story on the path that brought me to pouring candles and selling them on Etsy, but it has to originate with marrying my husband who is a U.S. Marine. Being a military spouse has taught me to be flexible and to find things I love in places that maybe I wouldn’t choose to be. I’ve had to reinvent myself many times, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love this life and am grateful for all that I have.

This blog is about my adventures in Book Scents, the Friends I make along the way, the events and activities Book Scents is involved in and hopefully a whole lot more. I’ll do my best to keep it interesting around here! 🙂

About Book Scents:

Transport yourself into your favorite novels with the strike of a match! Book Scents creates highly scented hand-poured candles inspired by your favorite books and characters. Book Scents also offers Limited Edition and Seasonal scents. Book Scents additionally works with authors, readers and book groups to create candles for their favorite books or events. If you would like to commission your own candle, please contact me at customerservice@bookscentscandles.com.



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