How Do you Connect with Your Favorite Authors?

Your Favorite Author!


Or more importantly, how does that author connect with you? As I mentioned in a previous post, 2015 is all about Connection for me and Book Scents. I am finding new ways to connect with all sorts of individuals and groups.

One of the ways I’m reaching out is by sponsoring select events throughout the year. The first event I’m sponsoring is based in California – Book’d in Burbank. Liz D puts together an evening that she calls “the Ultimate Bibliophiles’ Night Out”. This night is an amazing opportunity for a handful of authors (usually six) from many genres to meet with book lovers and fans. Can you imagine having that kind of small group access to your favorite author? I know I’d love to sit down with some of my most-loved authors and hear them read from their current work and be able to ask them questions.

My sponsorship involves sending a full sized candle that can be used as part of the evening’s giveaway fun. I know there’s someone out there who’s going to love the Jamie Fraser inspired candle they win! I also sent a handful of business cards for my author focused program – The Writer’s Block by Book Scents (TWB).

And that’s a new Connection I hope to make. Not only because I want to continue to grow that program, but because I want to help authors find another unique way to relate with their readers. That’s YOU! So in anticipation of the Book’d in Burbank event I reworked my TWB website. It’s not perfect, but I knew I needed to engage the authors more directly. My page had previously been sort of an informational page. I wanted to make it more interesting to anyone who looked at it – and I think I’ve made lots of improvements!


Photo by Kerri Lee Smith

Okay, I want you to picture a place or a person in your mind. It can be fictional or real. Just get a picture in your mind. Now close your eyes and think of how that place or person smells. What do you think? Can you do it? I bet you can! I know I can think of a baseball field and know exactly how it smells. Cut grass, wooden bats, leather mitts…I could go on and on.

Do you see how this works? I mean it really works!

I want author’s to change their connection with the phrase Writer’s Block. I want them to see that Writer’s Block doesn’t mean that you are stuck, but rather building blocks for their brand and a way to interact with readers. It’s about reducing the anxiety in self promotion and allowing my program to enhance the relationship they have with their readers. It’s about taking the science of fragrance and creating neuropathways that connect memories to their books. Yep – Science can be fun! And hopefully I’ve conveyed that in my website updates.

As the year moves along I’ve got more plans to bring my online world together. This update on the TWB website is just a small step toward an idea that I think will be great for my candle fans, authors and other candle businesses.

But it’s all about baby steps. I’ll never reach my dreams without walking toward them. One Connection at a time.

So in the comments below, tell me what you think about connecting with your favorite authors. How do you connect – Facebook? Book Conventions? Email?

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2 thoughts on “How Do you Connect with Your Favorite Authors?

  1. I love the idea of making connections. I know that I definitely need to do more of this in 2015. I haven’t specifically reached out to my favorite authors, but I have made connections with people either via email or Social Media. People are generally happy when you reach out to them and share a personal story of how or why they influenced you.

    I like your idea of providing your candles. I usually give my clients a small gift. It definitely goes a long way to light up someone’s day!

    Thanks for this post!

    • Thanks for your response! It’s true that people appreciate it when you reach out to them. I think it makes such a difference when you can connect on a personal level with someone even if it’s in a virtual way. 🙂

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