Your voice was heard! Top 7 Sellers at Book Scents!

Happy New Year everyone! I know we are already eight days into 2015, but I just have one more bit of exciting news from 2014 to share with all of you. I wanted to let you know how your purchases impacted my business in such a positive way.

Before we get to the list, I want to share with you the story about how I got started with Book Scents. In August of 2013, our family had just relocated to Central PA and I was starting to get my two boys ready to begin school. Most of the boxes had been unpacked and my husband had already thrown himself head first into his new job. At that point I knew two things: I was looking at having a lot of time on my hands and I wasn’t ready yet to go back to working at an office. I have spent most of my boys’ lives at home with them, but I have worked at quite a few jobs as well. In those times I found that my kids were aching for my attentions and often I couldn’t give them what they needed because I was still at work or recovering from a rough day at the office. I knew when we moved here that my husband would be traveling and most of the day to day responsibilities would fall upon my shoulders.

As I worked through the last of my boxes I posted in an online forum full of friends I had known for years about my worries. I wasn’t sure what I’d be doing. I didn’t want to volunteer again – PTO at our last school district had burned me out – and I wasn’t prepared to enter the workforce again. And that’s when my life changed. My friend, Angela, had been running a candle making business of her own but had only been doing it part-time. She had a new passion, making horse hair jewelry, and she was focused on making that business a success (which she did!). I was a regular candle customer of hers, but when she offered me her candle business I was shocked, excited, and scared. But I took her up on her offer and Book Scents was born!

Fast forward 6 months: I was 6 months in and worried about whether I’d sell anything outside of the holiday season. I had decent Christmas sales and felt like the holidays had been a success. However, I didn’t just want to sell things at Christmas and things that Winter/Early Spring were slow. I wanted to take things to the next level. So I started thinking about books that I’d love to create candles for outside of the Outlander series that had been my bread and butter during the holidays. I started asking for input and I got some great ideas from customers and friends. And so I began experimenting with fragrances. It was so fun! A new love for creating and experimenting with fragrance was born!


And here we are today – I’m looking back at 2014 and am thrilled at how my candle sales have not only pushed me into sales numbers I had no idea I’d ever reach, but also confirmed my belief that book lovers want candles inspired by their favorite books and characters. Thank you for helping me realize my dream of being a successful business owner in 2014 and giving me the confidence to keep moving forward in 2015!

So here’s the list of top sellers in the Book Scents store:

#1 Jamie Fraser: an inviting scent composed of musk, pine and wood smoke in auburn

What customers said about it:

  • Smells awesome and looks beautiful. (Does not smell of “man sweat and dirty wool kilt” as hubby predicted… lol)
  • A really beautiful scent that I think fits Jamie’s character perfectly I real must have for fans of the books (and the show) and fans of the man himself! Brilliant seller, very helpful and quick to respond to queries.

#2 Outlander: a beautiful fragrance that embraces the heather of the Highlands in a reddish-purple color

What customers said about it:

  • Was a gift for my daughter, she loved it and had friends ask her where they could get one. She said it smelled just like Scotland minus the cold and rain.
  • Smells amazing.. And was the perfect gift for my mom. A wonderful quality product that shipped on time.

#3 Claire Fraser: a delicate scent of fresh herbs and flowers in white

What customers said about it:

  • Smelled amazing and it was the perfect gift for a fellow Outlander fan!
  • Great scent; great quality. It’s such a fresh scent, and fits Claire so well. Can’t wait to get more!

#4 Wrath: a sophisticated blend of peppercorn, leather, patchouli and musk in black

What customers said about it:

  • THE MOST AMAZING CANDLES. Wrath comes alive with this interpretation of his scent. Seller is one of the finest on the internet, not just Etsy.
  • I love my Wrath candle. Re-reading Dark Lover and smelling the candle was awesome. I’m looking forward to the Zsadist and Rhage candle.

#5 Fifty Shades: a seductive blend of rose, geranium, bergamot and golden amber in dark grey

What customers said about it:

  • This smells FANTASTIC! Great quality, great buying experience.
  • Candle smells delicious, I love it!

#6 Naughty Celt: a sensual blend of sandalwood, bergamot, orange, leather and musk in white

What customers said about it:

  • Completely in love with this scent. The leather smell is so unique and I just can’t get enough of it.
  • Smells wonderful… naughty indeed! Just what I wanted for a gift.

#7 Mine: a robust blend of black amber, clove, Madagascar pepper, sandalwood and musk in dark red

What customers said about it:

  • Such a great idea! And I love the scent! It does make me think of the bonding scent that the guys throw off with their mates.
  • Beautiful scent, even better than imagined. Thank you.

And there’s my direction – keep working on Outlander inspired candles – but don’t forget the sexy scents! My customers love sexy!

So tell me in the comments – did you buy any of these Top 7 fragrances? Have you been sitting on the fence about purchasing a candle – Why? Tell me what’s on  your mind!

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11 thoughts on “Your voice was heard! Top 7 Sellers at Book Scents!

    • So happy to hear you are enjoying my candles and melts! All of the other Outlander-inspired candles are fun, but you definitely have to get Outlander – that’s where it all began! 🙂

  1. I have 4 of your top 7! 🙂 They are the best candles/melts I’ve ever owned. Could not be happier for you that your business has expanded beyond your original idea! I will continue to be your customer for as long as you continue your business! Which reminds me, I need to get another order in! 🙂 Oh and mention your candles again on my BDB book fan page. 😀

  2. Celtic Moonlight is the only one I have purchased so far and I love it…better start saving my pennies to get some of the Top 7 🙂

    You wouldn’t believe how many times a day someone (including myself) will smell something Yummy and wonder “What IS that?” only to realize it is my unlit candle 🙂

    • Well, Celtic Moonlight came in 8th, so just missed my list! That is one of my favorites – its like getting two products in one! The fragrance is always there even when it’s not lit!

  3. The squeals of excitement could be heard all around last month as my teaching team exchanged gifts before holidays. Three of us bought your candles for each other without realizing it!

    Thank you for providing such a unique and simple joy in our lives with your candles. I have purchased, Jaimie, as a gift, Claire and Outlander. I have also received Wrath as a gift. They smell amazing and burn evenly.

    • I absolutely LOVE this story!! How fun that you all bought from me without knowing it! I hope you continue to enjoy the fragrances and that I can help with next year’s gifts! 🙂

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