Author Interview: Liz De Jesus

First frost coverWelcome to my latest author interview with Liz De Jesus, author of First Frost – book one in the First Frost Series. Liz and I spent the past couple months working on a book inspired candle, The Frost Apple, through my author program The Writer’s Block. It was such a treat to read the first book in the series and get to know the main character Bianca and the secrets she learns about her family tree.

Hi Liz! Thank you so much for taking the time to do an interview with me. First, I always like to ask how writers get started. When did you start writing and how did you know you wanted to be author?

I started writing when I was very young. I was always interested in books and I also had the great example of my mother who is also a writer. I started journaling and that quickly translated into writing my own short stories and then at 13 years old I got really into poetry.

First Frost is about Bianca and her family secret being revealed to her. When was her story revealed to you? 

I got the idea for First Frost about 4 years ago, I was watching TV with my son (who was 1 ½ at the time) in my arms slowly drifting off to sleep and there was a commercial for a local children’s museum. I immediately thought about how cool it would be to have themed museums for kids to go to since children are often into different things, like pirates, dinosaurs, trains and fairy tales. And as soon as the words ‘fairy tale museum’ popped into my head, I immediately knew that I had an amazing idea for a novel. 

As a little girl I loved the Snow White story, which you have retold in First Frost. Did you ever think you would re-tell such an iconic story?

I have loved fairy tales my entire life. I never thought that I would ever tackle such iconic characters. But what really makes me happy is the fans reactions to my work, some people just love what I’ve done with these characters and that’s what fuels my writing. That’s what gets me to pick up a pen when I feel like quitting. Every time I get a comment or a message from a fan telling me how much they enjoyed my book, it really validates what I’ve been doing for all these years. 

Book 3 in this series is coming soon. What can we expect for Bianca and her story in the next two books? 

I’m still working on Shattered Frost, unfortunately it has taken me a little longer than I hoped to finish, but it’s because the story and the characters are much more complicated at this stage in the series. It will definitely involve Captain Bluebeard, Alice in Wonderland and a little bit of the Snow Queen (the Original Snow Queen written by Hans Christian Andersen). And something happens that Bianca and Terrance are separated so it’s almost like writing two novels at the same time because I’m telling Bianca’s story from her point of view and Terrance’s story from his point of view. 

I’m hoping that it’ll be finished by the end of the year. I’m writing as fast as possible.

After looking at your website, I found you have quite a few other books and short stories published. Tell us a little about your other works. 

I write a little bit of everything, horror, fantasy, literary fiction, fairy tale retellings and greek myth retellings. I also have a comic book titled Zombie Ever After (Emerald Star Comics) that I’m having a blast writing.

I have a short story titled The True Bride (based on the fairy tale The True Bride) which will be in an anthology titled Twice Upon a Time. I am thrilled to be included in such an amazing book with other talented authors.

I also have a novel titled The Laurel that will be released some time in Winter 2015 thru Musa Publishing. It’s based on the Greek myth of Apollo and Daphne, but has a little backstory about Apollo and how he and his sister Artemis were born. It’s a really lovely book, anyone that enjoys Greek mythology will enjoy this book. 

My readers love to get new book/author recommendations. What authors do you love to read?

I love Marissa Meyer and Marisa de los Santos. Also if you are into graphic novels, check out Terry Moore – he’s an incredible writer and artist.

Finally, as an author, what/who is your inspiration to write? 

Life. Dreams. Music. Clouds. Everything and anything can inspire me to pick up a pen and write.

You can find Liz online here:


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