If I build it will you come?

One of my favorite all time movies is Field of Dreams. I love the magic, the rebellion, the faith and the passion that the movie portrays. A man follows his dreams and intuition (and a mysterious voice) that changes his life and saves the family farm. Oh and heals the wounds of a damaged relationship with his father. What more can you want in one movie?!?!

When I started Book Scents, I followed my own dream – to be a business owner. I wanted to be my own boss. I wanted to create a quality product and build relationships and have flexibility in my life so I could “do it all”. So I built my business and so far you’ve been coming. But I want to keep building and reaching new goals and connecting with new people. So how do I do that?

Of course, the easy answer is make more candles – meaning add more candle fragrances. But what if I added new candle containers? Like 8 ounce tins. Or what about air fresheners? I’ve considered both of these and may add things of this sort to my product line.

Then there are services like a candle of the month club, or sales or gift with purchase. I’m always trying to come up with new offerings and those seem like natural additions to what I’m already doing with Book Scents.

So far this all seems pretty doable. But what if I offered digital products? If I “built” products like that, would you come to my store and buy them? What would this look like in my business?

You may be wondering why I’d consider doing digital products in my business. Well the most obvious thing to me is that they are instantly available to you. You, the customer, get the instant gratification of a downloaded product. Additionally, digital items could expand my product line with some less time intensive income for me. I make it once and then it’s available. No melting, mixing, drying, packing, shipping, etc. So really it could be a win-win for you and me!

I really like to keep things fresh, so the idea of digital products sounds like a good one. But I have so many questions. How do I get started? What will my customers want? Will the technology be overwhelming to use? Can I come up with things that are cool? Should I offer free digital items, as well as items you can buy?

As you can see there are lots of things to figure out. Ideas that I’ve come up with that might work in a digital format: A gift giving guide; Gift certificates; Birthday/Holiday/Mother’s Day cards, or candle care guides. So I’ve decided that because I can’t be an expert in everything, I’m going to take an online class to help figure all this stuff out!

I know that some of you who read my blog are customers, but others are small business peeps who are doing it all on their own. So I wanted to share with you which class I’m taking and invite you to come with me and so many other creative business entrepreneurs and learn how to expand your product line with digital products. I’ll provide the link for you below.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this – new containers? new services? digital offerings? If I build these things into my business, will you come?


Are you ready to make your creative work more lucrative, stable, and sustainable in the long-term? Join April Bowles-Olin for an introduction to digital products and how they can enhance your creative business. This course will show you how to produce and position viable products for generating multiple revenue streams and passive income. RSVP right here to watch it live and get access to the workbook for FREE. This post is part of the Create Digital Products blog tour.


6 thoughts on “If I build it will you come?

  1. I think once we learn all that April has to teach us and we implement it with the passion for creating this for our tribe, we will all be successful! I do believe that if you build it, with passion, those who share your passion will find you. I look forward to being in the live broadcast and seeing everyones dreams come to life. You’ve got this girl!

  2. Digital products can be amazing–they really can help you increase your revenue without adding a lot more work and that’s one of my favorite things about them. I hope I give you lots of inspiration with my course. I’ll be covering a lot of your questions! Thank you for helping me spread the word about my course to your audience. I really appreciate it.

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