Scent Layering/Mixology


I recently learned about these two strategies from another big name candle company. I’m sharing this with you because one of my goals for 2015 is to share more information about this topic specifically related to my Book Scents candles.

Scent layering involves using different fragrance mediums (candles, tarts, reed diffusers, air fresheners) to create a unique fragrance profile. Using similar or complementary fragrances you create your own scentmosphere. Simple combos like apple and cinnamon or lemon and herbs come to mind. The use of different fragrance mediums creates different levels of fragrance – some being stronger, with others being more subtle.

Scent mixology is a little different. Although it has the same goal, mixology involves actually mixing wax tarts (or fragrance oils from reed diffusers) into a warmer. So basically you cut up a couple of tarts and melt them together. This can be really creative for those who like to mix things up – sorry about the pun there!

Have you ever tried either of these strategies? How have they worked for you?


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