The “Scentmosphere”


Scentmosphere  = the smell of your surroundings.

Yep, it’s a fancy word for how things smell around you. Your house, your office, your car. Things like cat boxes, trash cans, stinky sports equipment (I know my hockey and soccer moms know what I’m talking about!) can really impact the scentmosphere.

This is where candle products come into play. You can use candles, tart/wax melts or air fresheners to set the mood and completely change your scentmosphere. Single candles can do this – after you’ve emptied the trash or removed the stinky athletic gear!

It’s important to me to ensure that the “throw” (which is a candle term that means how much space a candle fragrance can fill – one room, two rooms, etc) of my candles can improve your scentmosphere. That’s why I use high quality wax, wicks and fragrance oils for my candles.

In my next post I’ll be sharing with you two strategies you can use to vary your scentmosphere.

Share your thoughts on your scentmosphere!


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