Containers: Fall Centerpieces and Decor

Yesterday, I posted about reusing your containers and crafting them up! Today I wanted to show you some creative Fall centerpieces and decorating ideas in which my candles could easily be incorporated. You can leave the labels on, or remove them, but either way these centerpieces can really spice up your home. I have lots of candles that are fall colored – Celtic Moonlight, Jamie Fraser, Drums of Autumn, Lemongrass Hope,  and Timeless – and they would be a great complement to any Fall inspired centerpiece.

Here’s a great idea that incorporates candles, books and pumpkins! It’s simple and easy! (Photo credit:

centerp fall 3


Here’s a country inspired version of the same thing. Add some leaves or lace! (Photo credit:

centerp fall 2

Okay and here’s one with some WOW factor going on…it’s a gorgeous mantle-scape! You could incorporate any of my Fall colored candles right into this project and it not only would look good, but it would smell great too! (Photo credit:

centerp fall 1

And, btw, the Our Feathered Nest is an amazing decorating blog…she’s got some awesome stuff there if you are so inclined. I’ve started following her just to see the pretty pictures she posts!

I’m actually thinking of writing another blog post for winter/Christmas centerpieces…so keep an eye out next month! In the meantime, please always feel free to share any way you’ve used your Book Scents candle in a centerpiece or decorative way. I love to see how others are inspired!







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