Containers: Reuse

I occasionally get questions from customers about why I don’t adhere my labels to the candle container. Well, the first reason is that I do a recycle program and having to remove a label from the glass would be really difficult for me and my customers. Secondly, I like the idea of promoting reuse of the candle containers. I feel like having the option to take off the label, wash the container and reuse it for your own purposes is a bonus! I thought it might be nice to show you a few crafts that could be done to your containers after you are finished with your candles. The examples are shown on mason jars and other glass containers, but I know those containers could easily be replaced with your  Book Scents candle container.

Here is the first example: It’s really simple to add candy – use it as a candy dish. My candles don’t come with lids, but you could totally cover it with fabric. And what about creating your own pretty tealights with popcorn kernels and ribbon. Simple and easy and completely doable with a clean container. (Picture credit:

container 3

Here’s a more complex example: This idea I found on Pinterest. Basically, you take a quote/page from a book and Mod Podge it to the container. It’s a bit more work if you are crafty, but not extremely difficult. I can totally see one of my containers being reused in this way!

container 1


Here’s a more complex project: It’s sort of a holiday chic approach to decorating your own candles. You could take one of the candles you purchase from me and do this! Or you could reuse an empty container to create this and then add a votive or tealight inside.

(Photo credit:

container 2


I hope this post inspires my customers to think outside of the box when it comes to reusing my containers. Of course I’m happy to refill them through my recycle/refill program, but if you’d rather not please don’t trash the containers – reuse them!

I’d love to see any reuse projects you may have done with your Book Scents candle container. If you have something to share, post it here or share it on Facebook or on Instagram!




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