Lemongrass Hope: A Candle

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Today, I listed a new candle to my line – Lemongrass Hope. It’s inspired by the new book, as you can see in this picture, also called Lemongrass Hope. I’m going to be spending the next few days showcasing this candle, the book and it’s author Amy Impellizzeri here and on my Facebook page. Come by tomorrow for a giveaway!

Right now I want to encourage you to read this book. I was introduced to the author by The Literary Connoisseur and boy am I grateful. Not only is this story amazing, but it’s author Amy is a wonderful person. I got a chance to meet her in person since we both live in PA and what a treat. I admit I was a little nervous meeting her after reading her book. Authors to me are similar to other celebrities – I’m amazed at their talent and skills and I get a little star struck at the idea of meeting them. However, Amy is so down to earth, funny and made me feel so comfortable. I actually wished our lunch had gone longer than the few hours we had.

Keep up with me over the next few days to learn more about this book and it’s author. I’ll have an interview with her posted here on Tuesday and lots going on over on Facebook.

Here’s the link to the candle listing if you’d like to check it out: https://www.etsy.com/listing/205998081/lemongrass-hope-book-inspired-candle?


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