Candle Care: Wick

czarina 2As a candle maker, there are four key things you need to ensure things go right with your candles: Wax, fragrance, dye and wick. Today I’m going to focus on the wick and how you can ensure the candle you have burns properly.

Before you light your candle, be sure there isn’t any dust or debris on the wax. This can crackle and cause smoke. Once you’ve ensured it’s clean, trim your wick to 1/4 inch above the wax (even new candles need a trim!). Each time you burn your candle you HAVE to trim the wick. Even high quality candles can smoke if the wick isn’t trimmed! Once you’re done burning your candle (we’ll talk about burn time in my next post), be sure you use a snuffer to put out the flame. This prevents wax from splashing and keeps your wick straight.


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