Author Interview: Elizabeth J. Kolodziej

vampyre kisses cover pic

It’s time for another author interview! Have I said lately how much I love working with authors? I really do! They get the creative process that goes into creating candle fragrances and we have so much fun talking about how characters and books can be represented in scent form.

This interview is with Elizabeth J. Kolodziej, author of Vampyre Kisses. I really enjoyed this book. It’s perfect for anyone who loves supernatural romance and a strong female lead character. And it’s book one in a series, so if you love it – there’s more! 🙂 This book inspired the candle “The Last Witch” in my Book Scents store. It’s a gorgeous scent that I think fits this story so well.

Hi, Elizabeth! Thank you so much for doing this interview. My first question is what inspired you to start writing?

I began writing to get out my emotional trauma with life. I had a very difficult child hood and I found much solace with writing out my feelings on paper. With that, I loved to be taken away to far off places and my imagination let me do that on a daily basis. I think that is where my love for writing truly began. 

How did your book, Vampyre Kisses, evolve as a story?

Vampyre Kisses began as a hobby for me. The story progressed as I did with my own life. As I grew the story did and so did Faith as a person. What really helped it to evolve was the research that went on behind the scenes. I did a lot of looking into vampires, witches and werewolves and their traditional history. 

Vampyre Kisses is full of revelations for Faith, the main character and the Last Witch. She starts off rather lost and by the end of the book you can see her grow as a person. How was it personally writing about her development?

Writing about Faith’s development was like writing my own life story. I was 18 when I began Vampyre Kisses and finished it when I was in my early twenties. Because of that I think it made it easier to develop the character as a lost twenty something year old to being a grown person at the end of the book. 

Vampyre Kisses is book one in The Last Witch series. Can you give my readers a brief overview of what they can expect from the remaining books in your series about Trent, Faith and their friends?

The Last Witch Series really grows with the books that follow (Werewolf Descent, Witch Devotions and Demonic Charms, with more to come!). A lot progresses with the relationship between Faith and Trent, along with a lot of secrets that pop up about Faith’s past heritage. There is a lot more to the story line then meets the eye and I believe readers will be pleasantly surprised! 

Often people assume that authors work in a vacuum, typing away all alone with romantic and beautiful views to look at each day. However, as I get to know more authors, I find that they are surrounded by a team of other writers who support each other. Tell us a little about where you write and how you garner support to keep motivated as an author.

When I write I like to be alone with my pets (Sherlock and Ahmemotep). But, when I am gathering information and need support I have a “team” of friends that have my back. My partner in crime, Liz DeJesus, is a real good friend of mine that is always there for me. I have tons of support from my family and boyfriend that often help me through difficult times during my writing. Without them I don’t think I would be where I am today.   

Finally, as a person who is inspired by books, I’m curious what books/authors have inspired you?

I would have to say that Tamora Pierce is the one that inspired me from the beginning to start my writing. She showed me what a true strong female character could look like and is one of the reasons I only write strong female main characters. Other authors that have inspired my writing are people like Peter S. Beagle, Kim Harrison, Christopher Moore and Jeaniene Frost. Authors come along through my life everyday that continue to spark my imagination and without the great classic authors I wouldn’t have my imagination as bright as it is.

Thank you so much for sharing a little bit of yourself with us today, Elizabeth! It was a pleasure to interview you and to read Vampyre Kisses!

Want to connect with Elizabeth or learn more about Vampyre Kisses? Check out these links:


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