For the Love of Reading

little free library PA As most of you probably know, I love to read. 🙂  It’s something I’ve been doing regularly, with enthusiasm, since I was very young. I learned to read by reading the Sunday newspaper with my dad. I then moved to the normal children’s’ books and so on and so forth. I knew that when I had kids I’d want to pass along this love, or at least try to, by reading to my kids as soon as they were born and as much as possible. My oldest was flipping pages of board books as soon as he could sit up and has been an avid reader since he learned to read. Both of my boys love to read and up until a few years ago, I was reading books to them every night. It was a joyous time to spend with my kids each night, no matter what craziness the day had brought.

When I think about the impact reading has had on me and my children, I smile. And I hope that others do the same for their kids. The gift they give to their children is something they will have for the rest of their days.

As I was looking on Pinterest one day, I found this picture. It’s a Little Free Library right here in PA, the state that I live in. It’s so cute and it caught my eye because of the adorable Hungry Caterpillar on the door. Oh, how many times did I read that book? A couple million, I’m sure. LOL!  Then as I began to research what this little box was, I found the website for Little Free Libraries and was so impressed with their mission and how they work to help communities come together around reading by sharing books. I just love this idea!

My new goal is to get one of these in my little subdivision. We have so many moms with kids who walk around the neighborhood. We have pairs of ladies who walk/run our neighborhood all the time. Husbands and wives who walk/run as well. I think the little library would be popular with the toddlers on either end of my street. For the mom’s who want something new to read.

My kids don’t need me to read stories to them anymore. And some days I miss the fun we had as I read Moo, Baa, LaLaLa for the thousandth time. 🙂 I hope to rekindle this feeling by creating a place that my whole community can enjoy. I want to pass along my love of books and reading!

Would you consider doing something like this? Have you ever visited a Little Free Library? Are there any in your neighborhood? I’d love to hear from you all about this topic. I’m excited by the idea of it, but I know there could be issues (like city zoning or vandalism). I’d like to think people would be courteous and see the importance of this sort of thing.

Here are some pictures of other libraries I found…aren’t they amazing?!

Library TardisRight  found HERE


little-free-library found HERE

wisconsin LFL found HERE

lfl bench found HERE



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