Friday’s Featured Business: Chamblee Crochet

I love to crochet. It’s one of my favorite hobbies and honestly I’m not that great at it. LOL But I love it, and when I have time to crochet I really enjoy the feeling of using my hands and creating something practical. When I came across Chamblee Crochet, run by Chief Crocheter Ashley, I was astounded at some of her work. You can find many of the regular items that are crocheted – hats, mittens, snuggly blankets. However, it’s her talent at recreating photos into a crochet masterpiece that blew my mind.

chamblee stevie both

Yes, that’s a very young Stevie Nicks there!! I included the original photo so you could see what an amazing recreation this is!
chamblee hermoine
Then there’s this amazing Hermoine recreation. I know there’s a ton of HP fans out there who’d get a kick out of owning something like that!

I asked Ashley about the process of recreating photos. She says, “Once I have a picture, I can do a variety of different options (color wise) … Full color is the most difficult, just because the shades are harder to find. There are also neutrals, grays/blacks, & hues of one shade (5 shades of pink, etc.).”  I asked if she can do pics of your pets or grandkids or whatever you want. And the answer was YES! Okay, who’s thinking Colin Farrell should be next?! 😀

Here is a great overview of many of the handmade items Ashley makes at Chamblee Crochet. I even saw a picture on her Facebook page that was so great – a child who was holding a doll she had made to keep them company during a trip to the hospital. You can tell there’s a lot of love and time that go into these great handmade creations!

chamble cover collection


You can find Ashley and her creations on Etsy and on Facebook. Her Facebook page has all of her portrait crochet creations. You should totally connect with her!

And Ashley was so kind to offer an Etsy coupon code to my readers for this weekend, 7/18 – 7/21. Use BSC0714 to get free shipping on your purchase (U.S. Only)!


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