Friday’s Featured Business: The Peony Patch

Today, I’ve got the cutest little shop for you! It’s the The Peony Patch and it’s run by mom and creator, Heather. A friend shared this shop with me and I was pleasantly surprised by what I found.

When I visited her Etsy story, Heather shares a little about her work space and how where she lives creates an environment that fuels her creativity.

I have carved out a small space to work in my home and have filled it to the brim with wonderful found objects. Coffee sacks, glass bottles and scraps of fabric are stuffed in every nook and cranny I can find.

I live in a wonderful area that is filled with passionate people and I find inspiration in the urban lifestyle. Coffee shops, flower markets and giggling kids fill me with ideas and joy that translate into my creations.

I contacted Heather and asked her to share more with me about her business.

My passion for creating things goes hand in hand with my own sanity! I love being alone to my own thoughts, taking a step away from daily challenges and working on things that I can proudly sell in my shop.

She sounds like a woman after my own heart! 🙂 And she’s creating some amazing things! Check these out! I’m so getting one of those paper wreaths! 🙂

paper wreath      paper birdhouses

burlap stocking     patriotic wreath

So what more is coming to The Peony Patch?

I can tell you that I am planning on adding some washi tape covered letters, new burlap bags and getting a head start on holiday items. Last year I was pleasantly surprised at the number of burlap stockings I sold and would like to be better prepared this year.

There’s more in her store and you can tell she enjoys color, as well as neutrals. There are items that are perfect to gift or to purchase for yourself. Take a trip over to The Peony Patch and see what item you can’t live without!

And as a bonus, Heather has offered my readers a 25% discount in her store for the month of July! So use the code JULYSAVINGS in The Peony Patch to save on some beautifully creative items!


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