When, oh when?

Sue: Hey, Jill, have you seen that great new store, Book Scents?

Jill: Yeah, Sue, I have! It’s so cool!

Sue: I was on their FB page and I told them I’d love to have a candle inspired by Hagrid’s house.

Jill: That’s so cool! I was over in the Etsy store and convo’d to find out if a Vishous candle was going to be coming soon.

Sue: Oh, I bet that would smell H-O-T, HOT! I love V!

Jill: Do you know when she’s going to make the Hagrid candle?

Sue: I don’t know, she said she’d add it to her list.

Jill: Yeah, she said the she was working on V and the other Brothers, but I don’t know when she’ll have it ready to sell.

Okay, so I’m not sure if these kinds of conversations happen, but I wanted to address this process with everyone so you all understand what’s going on behind the scenes.

I know I’ve talked about how the inspiration works. I read a book and something (or a few things) jump out at me and I get inspired. But once I’m inspired and want to create a scent, I then have a few things I do before a fragrance is released. In a perfect world, I’d have the fragrances I need on hand and then I could just pour the candle, test it for throw and burn and then it’s done. However, it’s not always that easy. Often I have to order fragrance(s) to get see if they are what I’m imagining in my mind. That takes at least a week. Then I create test scents to see if the combinations work together and smell good. This takes a few days. If I find a combo that works, then I create a full size tester and burn it for a few days. This is how I know if it’s going to really work. Smelling fragrance out of the bottle is completely different than how it smells in wax and warmed/burned. If I don’t like what I’m smelling, I start the process all over again. It can take weeks or months to get a candle from inspiration to final product.

I know that seems like a long time when you want a candle really badly! 🙂 Trust me, I want the process to be fast as well. It is really frustrating when the fragrance doesn’t work. I end up using a lot of wax and containers to create samples and if they don’t work, well that’s my inventory down the drain. But it’s important to me to create a product that is high quality, so I continue to test and try new candles.

I hope that you all understand that each new candle is a process. The process is incorporated into my overall daily work – pouring orders, shipping orders, posting on my blog & FB page, and answering emails/convos. And don’t forget about taking care of my family!

I also hope that if I don’t ever make the candle you want, you know it’s not personal…its just a time constraint. I am always happy to work with customers on commissioning a candle. If you are really, really, really wanting a specific candle I can move your request up with a commission. There is an additional research and development fee involved beyond the purchase of a candle and shipping. Otherwise, it’s a waiting game as I work the candle into my development queue.

So will I make a Hagrid’s house candle? Maybe, maybe not.

Will there be a Vishous inpsired candle? Yes, but when is still to be determined.


2 thoughts on “When, oh when?

  1. As a Universal Studios Employee in the merchandise division and with Harry Potter being such a huge thing right now I would love to see a future of potter candles. Just saying – I love what you do… The time it takes to perfect is what makes you so unique 😀



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