TBR Tuesday: The Secret of Isobel Key

Hey everyone! So it’s summer and we are all trying to find some great books to read over the summer. For me, a book that’s worthy of being called a “Summer Read” has to meet a few criteria – it has to pull me into the story right away and it has to be a reasonably short length. I want it to be something I can carry in my beach bag or read by the pool without giving me carpel tunnel. 🙂


Just the other day I finished a wonderful story that I think fits both of those criteria – The Secret of Isobel Key by Jen McConnel. If you like stories about how the past connects with the future, where a secret is revealed and has some endearing romance – this one’s for you! Oh and it’s set in Scotland! 🙂

I really enjoyed this story and devoured it quickly. There was a point in which I actually sent Jen an FB message telling her that I had a viceral reaction to a scene in the story. I was invested in the main characters and was moved by what happens to them. Oh and I was surprised at the ending, which is a great lead into the next book in this series, Her Secret Inheritence. I’ve already purchased it and am looking forward to getting started on it. I need to know what happens next with Lou!

So take a chance on The Secret of Isobel Key – you won’t be disappointed!


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