Finding (time for) Inspiration

As an owner of a creative business, it can be difficult to find time for inspiration. My inspirations come from books primarily and finding time for reading can be near to impossible. So can finding time to post on your blog – but I’ll leave that one for another day! 🙂

Thankfully, I did have some time late last month to read two books that will be the inspiration for two new candles. The first one has been on my TBR list for months now, but I finally sat myself down and read it. The Fault in Our Stars had been recommended to me more than once, then I saw they were making a movie based on the novel and I knew I needed to move it up my list of books to read. It wasn’t a disappointment! I’m so glad I found the time to read it and I truly enjoyed the characters, Augustus and Hazel, and their journey in this book. Not only was I inspired, I was moved by the story and am so excited to work on a candle for this book. Just a quick hint: It will be orange in color! 🙂

The second book I read was gifted to me by an author who would like to collaborate on creating a candle for her new book, The Czarina of Florida. Thank you Tami Lynne for this wonderful novel! This book is romantic, tragic and gives you an insight into a time in Florida (and the U.S.) where businessmen were kings of society. I am still working with Tami on what we will be doing for the candle, but I’m excited at the opportunity. I’m imagining we’ll have some Floridian scents incorporated – oranges or bougainvillea or hibiscus or the beach! There will definitely be more to come on this front as we work to develop the fragrances.

People often ask me how I find inspiration – even when I do have the time – and I thought I’d answer that here. It’s a fun challenge really! Some authors are very descriptive in how characters smell or the scents of the setting. Those projects can be easy, however they can also be a serious challenge when the descriptions are hard to pull together in a candle. On the other hand, that’s where the creative ingenuity comes in! And I’m not one who gives up. I have one character that I’ve been trying finalize his fragrance for months and it’s been elusive. However, I’ll continue to endure because I really love him (Hi, Patrick Riordan!!). Although authors can provide the scents in their books, I also like coming up with my own ideas. I just read and either pick a scene or a setting or a character and think about what scent (or scents) would conjure them in my mind. It takes a little longer to create the fragrance, yet when I finally come to a scent profile I love, it’s a feeling of complete satisfaction!


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