Yo Mamma!

I promise not to devolve this post into a playground session of Yo Mamma jokes! But I thought it was kind of catchy. Whatcha think? 🙂

So what does Yo Mamma have to do with Book Scents and my blog? Well, I have to tell you about a sale I’ll be having in my store. It starts on May 1st and will last until May 7th. All of the candles in my store will be $12 (instead of $14) for that week. I’ll ensure that all candles are ready to ship on or before May 9th. However, if you wait until May 7th I can’t get your items shipped any earlier than May 9th. Even priority boxes to the West Coast will get the items there after Mother’s day. West Coast customers need to get your orders to me by the 6th for Mother’s Day delivery. I’m also going to be picking up some Mother’s Day cards to include in the packages – just put a message in the notes when you order to let me know what you want the card to say.

In review:

1. Mother’s day sale May 1-7, $2 off each candle
2. For delivery to West Coast, order by May 6th for Mother’s Day delivery
3. Put a message in the notes for a complementary Mother’s Day card to be included in your shipment

(I love lists!)

Let me know if you have any questions! I’m here to help!


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