Embarrasing moments…

Well, really just one (for now!). I’m going to add this picture of Garfield because it sums up how I feel often as I try to balance everything here at Book Scents (oh and at Casa de mi Familia).
garfield  monday


This is also how I felt on Friday of last week. I was SO excited and proud of my very first interview as the owner of Book Scents. It felt amazing to have my product and business (and me) showcased on ML Gardner’s blog (you can find the interview under the Links section on the right of the page). So it goes live, I link the interview to my Facebook page and I’m super excited. Then I go and read what I knew as already there…and I find a typo…not really even a typo, but a whole phrase that shouldn’t have been there! So I’m freaking out, contacting the gracious Monica who had set up the interview and thank the heavens she was able to fix it quickly. Then an hour later I get a Facebook message from a very good customer who informs me that the picture of the candle on my Facebook page has a typo. What?! Seriously?! And there it is for all the world to see – I spelled Diana Gabaldon’s last name GABLADON. I had no idea that there was this typo and I had used that picture for months! So what do I do? Well first I take a new photo and send it to the ever patient Monica to put on the blog. Then I go back and update my Etsy picture. While I’m there I check all of the Outlander candles and to my dismay FIVE other candles have this typo. I must have done it on my first run of labels back when I was first making candles and posting my products on Etsy. I never saw it! So far I have fixed one of the pictures and plan to fix each as soon as I can. I sat there looking at that typo shaking my head. How had I missed that for so long?!

What I have learned from this experience is to slow down – or try to – and really read what I’ve written. My dear friend, Cindy Brandner, tells me she reads her whole books out loud (and she writes BIG BOOKS). So if she can read her novels out loud to catch errors, then I should be able to take a minute or two to review what I’ve written and make sure it’s right. Do I expect to be perfect every time? No, but I hope I can improve in this area to avoid more embarrassing moments as my business grows and expands.


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